Hazardous fluids released at site: DEC

MAYFIELD – A Stewart Road man was sentenced last month in Town Court to pay a $15,000 fine for violating state Environmental Conservation Law for property violations.

Ernest J. Fancher, Jr. of Mayfield was sentenced Aug. 19.

“This is the second time around for Mr. Fancher,” Fulton County District Attorney Louise Sira said today. “The cleanup at the property is massive and needs to be a priority.”

A DEC news release indicated DEC’s Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigation Unit conducted a two-year investigation of Fancher’s vehicle and mobile home dismantling operation at his home at 249 Stewart Road. The investigation determined the operation caused the release of hazardous fluids and debris into the ground on site.

DEC presented its findings to Sira’s office, which prosecuted the case. Fancher plead guilty to fourth-degree endangering the public health, safety or the environment, and unlawfully operating a solid waste management facility.

The court ordered Fancher to clean up the site under the supervision of DEC. This includes properly disposing of all automotive fluids, lead-acid batteries, scrap metal, salvage vehicles, solid waste, waste tires and contaminated soils.

Fancher was previously convicted of running an illegal salvage operation in Mayfield.

He was sentenced March 9, 2007, after he pleaded guilty to felony unlawful disposal of solid waste for what authorities then said was his defiance of a Mayfield Town Court order to cease the illegal salvage of trailers on his property. At that time, the court sentenced him to pay a $15,000 fine. He also received a three-year conditional discharge.

Fancher had been indicted by a county grand jury Nov. 30, 2005, on three DEC violations of unlawful disposal and single counts of unlawfully operating a solid waste management facility and second-degree contempt.