Nurses to picket Littauer

GLOVERSVILLE – Nurses at Nathan Littauer Hospital will picket Thursday at the hospital entrance over contract negotiations.

According to fliers made by the New York Nurses Association, nurses at Nathan Littauer will hold the informational picket from 2 to 4:30 p.m.

Tara Martin, spokeswoman for NYSNA, said the main goal of the picket is to bring the public in on the conversation between nurses and the hospital.

“This is an opportunity to bring the information to the people,” Martin said.

The nurses union and officials from the hospital have been in negotiations over the past several months. According to the fliers, the nurses are attempting to acquire “a fair union contract that would strengthen patient care and ensure that we can attract and retain skilled and experienced nurses to care for our community.”

Fliers from NYSNA also put forward “key proposals” such as “community rights” that would allow more conversation with community members about hospital practices; safe registered nurse staffing; and safe patient handling.

Martin said much of the delay has been the hospital dictating terms for retirement and pensions. She claimed the hospital has not been willing to negotiate.

In July, Nathan Littauer filed an unfair labor practice charge with the Albany office of the National Labor Relations Board against the New York State Nurses Association. The hospital alleges the union is engaging in “regressive bargaining” and other improper tactics during negotiations, according to a statement from the hospital.

Bargaining negotiations between the hospital and association began in November. The statement said the chief negotiator for NASNY was replaced with Thomas Darby, a New York City negotiator.

The union is demanding roughly $5.1 million in additional benefits over the life of a three-year contract, the hospital said in July.

According to the NLRB website, the NLRB regional director investigates charges.