County projects delayed by 1 year

JOHNSTOWN – Two of Fulton County government’s proposed 2015 information technology-related capital projects, including one to replace 30 government printers, were delayed until 2016.

The Board of Supervisors’ Capital Projects Committee recently reviewed about $10.2 million worth of potential capital projects, including four totaling $407,000 through the Information Services-Printing Department.

The main priority for department Director Perry Lovell is a proposed $300,000 countywide voice-over telephone system upgrade. A second priority is a proposed $42,604 personal-computer upgrade plan. Those projects were left in the plan, which is still being developed by the committee.

Perth Supervisor Greg Fagan, chairman of the Finance Committee, said Lovell and his small staff may be too busy next year for the third and fourth prioritized projects. They are a proposed $44,800 disaster recovery plan and a proposed $20,000 printer-upgrade project.

“There’s not going to be enough hours in the day,” Fagan said.

County Administrative Officer Jon Stead said he wasn’t sure the printer upgrade – involving replacement of 30 of 42 county government printers – needed to be done in 2015. That project and the recovery plan were postponed until 2016.

Elsewhere in the 2015 capital plan review:

The committee reviewed three proposed Fulton-Montgomery Community College projects totaling $5.2 million for 2015. They are: $1 million campus safety project; $1.88 million college wastewater treatment plant upgrade; and $2.3 million Student Union improvements project.

Budget Director Alice Kuntzsch said Sheriff Thomas Lorey is requesting three patrol cars totaling $104,245 for 2015.

A proposed $250,000 County Airport master plan update remains in the proposed 2015 capital plan, although county Planning Director James Mraz said the federal and state governments will kick in 95 percent of the cost. If the project comes to fruition, county taxpayers would pay about $12,500.

A $40,000 centralized records storage facility expansion project planned for the Fort Johnstown Annex remains in the 2015 plan.

“This would primarily be used by personnel [staff],” Mraz said.

He said the plan is to dedicate 50 percent of the first floor of the annex to records storage. He said a similar project was done on the annex’s second floor.

Mraz said with county government, “there’s people storing records everywhere.”

He said he met with county Clerk Ann Nickloy to apply for a state records grant to hire people for six months to do digital scanning of county records.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at