Police to wear new bulletproof vests

GLOVERSVILLE – The federal and state governments will pay for nearly all of a planned $18,000 expense for new bulletproof vests for the city Police Department.

Police Chief Donald VanDeusen, speaking at a Common Council meeting recently, said he received confirmation the federal government will pay about 50 percent of the cost of the vests he’s seeking for his department.

VanDeusen said he already learned the state will pay for just about the other half of the cost, leaving the city with a cost of a few hundred dollars.

He said contributions for the police vests will coming from the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance and the state attorney general’s office.

The chief termed the federal and state funding for the vests a “windfall” for the city. He said the vest upgrade is needed, as about 20 of the department’s 31 bulletproof vests are out of warranty.

“It’s a chance we’re not willing to take with our people,” VanDeusen said.

The chief also told the council he welcomes the public to communicate with the Police Department about animal-abuse cases in the city.

“I invite anyone to come in and address individual and general cases,” VanDeusen said.

Fall festival

In another city matter, the council approved a $1,600 expenditure by the city Recreation Commission for a fall festival planned for Oct. 11 at Trail Station Park.

First Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth said the Recreation Commission made a request to spend the money for the event off West Fulton Street.

She said the group participated in the Aug. 2 Rail Fest at the same location and now wants to spend some of its money for the fall festival.