Feeding kids a key issue

This is in response to the recent editorial about the Summer Meals Act for children – “Who will pay for meals?” There is no political cause that could supersede feeding our children. Making this a negotiating point is unconscionable.

Thankfully, some local schools and organizations participated in summer meal programs.

Gloversville offered both of the summer meal sites on the hill. Unlike prior years, an elementary school was not available for summer meals. Both locations were too far for young children to walk unattended. Regionally and nationally, observant school staff will see weight loss in children when school resumes.

The summer meals ended Aug. 15. For some, school starts Tuesday. How are the children eating? Were pantry locations and meal sites distributed?

Many in our community support the local pantries. Please note: “Food” stamps can only be used for items that can be eaten. Consider purchasing toilet paper, soap laundry detergent, etc.

At every turn, our bountiful country has hungry children. How is it possible that the question would be asked whether or not our country should feed its children?