Lectures set at Johnson Hall

JOHNSTOWN – The Johnson Hall State Historic Site’s Anniversary Lecture Series will continue next month.

The series marks the 240th anniversary of the final Indian Council, death and funeral of Sir William Johnson.

The lectures will begin at 11 a.m. at Johnstown High School in the lecture room. All lectures will be followed by refreshments.

The Sept. 6 lecture will be titled “Alleviating That Undissembled Sorrow: Ritual and the Two Funerals of Sir William Johnson.” It will be presented by Robert Wells, former professor of history at Union College and author of “Facing the King of Terrors.” Wells will examine how, in the wake of Sir William Johnson’s death, European colonists and indigenous Iroquois turned to their familiar rituals of death to make sense of their loss, manage their grief and control their anxieties in the face of an uncertain political future.

The Sept. 27 lecture, “The End of an Atlantic Life: The Death of Sir William Johnson in Imperial Context, 1774,” will be presented by Jon Parmenter, associate professor of history at Cornell University and author of “The Edge of the Woods: Iroquoia 1543-1701.” Parmenter will discuss the passing of Sir William Johnson in the context of the late pre-Revolutionary Anglo-American Atlantic World. He will focus on the changes Sir William brought in the management of relations with American Indian nations, and how his death inaugurated a transition from imperial to early national approaches to Indian affairs.

Public tours of Johnson Hall will be available after 1 p.m. on these days.

For more information on Johnson Hall events, call 762-8712 or go to www.nysparks.com.