Other issues need attention

Now that proposals in Gloversville involving citywide Common Council elections and hiring a city manager have died in the council chambers, it’s time for the city to turn its focus to the many issues that need immediate attention.

The council voted 5-0 against a proposal – which kept it from going to a public vote – to allow citywide elections for all members of the council. Under the citywide election proposal favored by Mayor Dayton King, the top vote-getters throughout the city would take seats on the council, regardless of which ward they live in.

The council also failed to get the five votes needed to override King’s veto of a law to allow a city-manager form of government.

Had the council approved the election measure and overridden the mayor’s veto of the city-manager plan, city voters would have been asked to vote on the two proposals in November.

Gloversville, with its sky-high tax rate and widespread blight, has problems that are obvious to anyone who pays city taxes or takes a trip downtown. The blight in particular clearly has gotten out of hand. City officials should focus on ways to alleviate these problems.

We’re concerned city officials will continue to get bogged down in an ongoing dispute over the council elections idea and city-manager plan.

For the immediate future, the best thing city officials can do is drop both proposals and move on to other issues. Arguing over those proposals won’t help clean up the city or revitalize downtown. City officials should keep that in mind.