Pop-up museum shows growth at farmers market

GLOVERSVILLE – Growth was popping up at the farmers market on Saturday morning on Elm Street as the Fulton County historian brought something special to town.

A pop-up museum on the theme of growth was erected by Samantha Hall-Saladino at the pavilion during the farmer’s market. She said the theme came about, in part, as a tribute to the farmers market.

Items including vintage washboards, an old fashioned freezing system, stove heated irons and childhood photographs were on display.

According to a handout from Hall-Saladino, “A pop-up museum is a temporary exhibit created by the people who show up to participate. It works by choosing a theme and a venue and then inviting people to bring an object on topic to share. Participants write a label for their object and leave it on display. A pop-up museum usually only lasts a few hours. It can happen anytime, anywhere and with any community.”

People with the Fulton County Museum brought items for the event. Laurie Kozakiewicz, with the museum, said the group tried to tie the growth theme in with agriculture life since they were at the farmers market.

Many shoppers at the market stopped by to check out the wears that were on display at the pop-up museum.

Marion Viglione, also with the Fulton County Museum, said the pop-up gave a chance for many shoppers to share memories, since many recalled using – or watching others use – the objects on display.

Hall-Saladino called Saturday’s event a pilot for the project, noting that with most events, it takes a while to get attendance built up. She had a few ideas for potential future pop-ups including women’s history and handmade themes. She said she hopes to possibly do a new pop-up once every month or two next year.

Viglione also praised Hall-Saladino’s work ethic and style, saying that a position like Hall-Saladino’s requires the ability to work with others, something she does wonderfully.

“Samantha is such a breath of fresh air,” Viglione said.