Gloversville to consider local laws

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council on Tuesday will consider approving a local law to allow citywide council elections.

At its 6 p.m. meeting Tuesday at City Hall, the council also will consider overriding the mayor’s veto of a local law that could lead to a city manager.

Mayor Dayton King said today he’s not sure how the council will vote on either issue, which have been at the center of city politics this summer.

The council will conduct a public hearing regarding the proposed local law to revise the City Charter to allow citywide elections for all members of the Common Council. King endorses that proposal, although he’s not sure how the pending vote will go.

“I don’t know,” the mayor said. “I think there’s certainly some pushback from the council members.”

He said he hopes many residents speak at the hearing.

Under the citywide election proposal favored by the mayor, the top votegetters throughout the city would take seats on the council, regardless of the ward they live in.

The council voted at its last meeting to hold the public hearing on the citywide elections.

City officials also indicated they expect the seven-member council will have the five-member supermajority needed to override King’s Aug. 14 veto of the city-manager proposal. The proposal allows city voters to decide in November if they want a city manager.

In a July 22 vote, the council sent a proposal to establish a city manager form of government to voters in the Nov. 4 general election. Under the city-manager form of government, a council-appointed manager would be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the city. Currently, the mayor handles many of those duties. Under the proposal, the mayor would be a member of the council and preside at meetings.

In other business, the council will conduct a public hearing amending the City Code related to animal control for dogs.

King is expected to request a public hearing for a proposed amendment to the City Charter to change a residence requirement for various city positions.

The council is slated to take action on a resolution to solicit sealed bids for purchase of a used telescopic aerial truck. King said the truck would be used by city electrician James Walsh.

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