Veterinarian understands all animals

I read the letter from Sandy and Dick Aesch. I also had great experiences with Dr. William Chester.

When my son’s beloved Duke was near the end of his life, we brought him home. Dr. Chester knew the end was near, and gave us pain medication for him, and said he would be home after 9:30 p.m. if we needed him. We had to call him, as Duke was in such pain we could not bear to see him suffer any more. We met him at his office, where my son was so upset and grieving for his best friend. Dr. Chester consoled my son in the most wonderful manner. The next day, he called to see how my son was doing. That is something that none of my son’s doctors did when my son had open-heart surgery.

I had to have my cat euthanized years ago, and I got a sympathy card from Dr. Chester; that is something I did not get from my son’s doctors when he passed away.

Dr. Chester is a great human being who seems to understand animals, including us humans.

I am looking forward to having him back.