Songs of Support

MAYFIELD – Saturday turned into a day of kindness and outreach at the village’s United Methodist Church as people came together to help a family in need.

More than 20 people came to listen to music and make donations at the Summer Concert to benefit the St. Louis family. Rebecca St. Louis and her family lost their Mayfield home and belongings in a fire in early July.

Sitting with her two boys Wyatt and Jase, St. Louis said she was a little overwhelmed so many people wanted to help the family.

“I don’t know how to thank everyone,” St. Louis said.

She said her family has been able to get a new trailer but is tying to find a way to get it from Corinth to Mayfield.

The family currently is living in a camper. She said they stay at relatives’ houses when the weather gets bad.

The couple throwing the benefit only knew the family in passing, but they wanted to help.

Ray and Rosemary Langley heard about the fire about a week after it happened, and Ray Langley came up with the idea of a benefit concert.

“We want to help as much as we can,” Rosemary Langley said.

The Langleys’ only had about a month to put the benefit together.

About 10 performers donated their time to the event, performing songs from artists such as Leonard Cohen and John Lennon, along with faith-based music. The Langleys said the ladies group helped provide refreshments.

“I’m happy with it, and I’m pleased with it,” Ray Langley said of the event.

Janet Yates said the Langleys organized the benefit but wouldn’t seek credit for it because they’re not the type to do that.

“They’re so humble. They’re real Christians,” Yates said.

No donation was mandatory to get in, but many of the people gave money.

Rosemary Langley said donations had come in before the benefit, and that a performer who couldn’t make it even gave a donation to the family.

People can still give by mailing contributions to the church at 19 N. Main St. to the attention of Ray Langley. Specify the contribution is for the family.