Why complain if you won’t effect change?

I hear people complaining about their elected officials. People complain their elected officials refuse to answer their questions.

They say when they attend meetings and ask questions of their elected officials, they never get an answer. Yet, while they are speaking to their elected officials, they just sit there and start writing or drawing something or just start talking among themselves and ignoring what the speaker is saying.

When some elected bodies are discussing resolutions before voting on them, the members speak so low the public cannot hear what they are saying. People are complaining that when some elected bodies vote on resolutions, the members all always agree, and people cannot understand that because even married couples do not agree on every issue all the time, so how can five, eight or 20 people always agree on every issue all the time?

The members of the public say they are not being represented by their elected people.

But the general public has nothing to complain about because they refuse to run for office, attend meetings and many just do not vote, and those who do vote just continue to elect the same people they complain about.

When groups such as Solidarity for a Better County Government meet, the general public refuses to attend these meetings to try and hold their elected officials accountable.

So why complain? You refuse to take action to get change.


Caroga Lake