Horror film directed by Gloversville graduate

A Gloversville native’s first film, a horror movie about one man’s look into the occult and the supernatural, was released Friday.

David Jung, 41, wrote and directed the film, which is titled “The Possession of Michael King.” The movie is a found-footage horror film, released by Anchor Bay Films, about one man’s attempt to disprove the supernatural. A found-footage film is a movie genre where the film simulates having been recorded by real people, a famous example of which would be “The Blair Witch Project.”

The title character of Jung’s movie, played by Shane Johnson, is trying to disprove supernatural and religious phenomena after his wife was killed in an tragic accident. Offering himself as a test subject, Michael King lets occultists, religious fanatics and others perform rituals on him as he films a documentary.

“He says ‘I’m going to be the testing ground, come get me,'” Jung said.

Jung said eventually the plot of the movie progresses to a point where Michael King does not know what is or isn’t real.

Jung said he wanted to make the film cinematic, as opposed to many found-footage movies, which Jung said tend to be shaky and poorly shot.

Jung, who currently lives in Encino, Calif. with this wife and two girls, graduated from Gloversville High School in 1991. Jung’s mother, Johanne Papa, said during his childhood Jung wrote often.

“He was always into the occult and kind of monster stories,” Papa said

After four years at Ithaca College, he graduated with a degree in film and literature.

Jung said he got his first break in cinema after he wandered onto a film set in the late 1990’s. According to Jung, he had moved to California and saw crew members loading trees onto a movie set. Jung sneaked onto the set to help load the trees and worked for nearly 22 hours.

Eventually, a production assistant approached him.

“They walked up to me and said, ‘Look, we don’t know who the heck you are or where you came from or how you got on this set, but you did a great job today. Do you want a job on this movie?’ That was my entrance,” Jung said.

The set happened to be part of a production by independent producer Roger Corman. Jung worked under Corman for six films, including low-budget horror films like “Carnosaur” and “Ghost Ship.”

“It was hysterical,” Jung said of his time working with Corman.

Eventually, Jung moved to an internship at Walt Disney Studios and working at several other film studios as executives. He eventually moved to writing.

Jung has also written two comic books, several screenplays and even worked on creating a video game adaptation of the movie “Dirty Harry”, writing a complete story “bible” for the game. The game, however, was never released.

Papa said she was very proud of her son.

“It is really hard to explain, I am so excited for him. It makes me think back to all the writing he did when he was in high school,” Papa said.

“The Possession of Michael King” is in theaters now and will be on Blu-Ray, DVD, iTunes and OnDemand on Tuesday.