Waiting for vet to return

Regarding the letter to the editor by Colleen Snyder published in The Leader-Herald Aug. 13: No one in our family knows Colleen Snyder. Everyone knows Dr. William Chester. And we all agree with every word Colleen said in her letter.

We had a border collie from a puppy who had many health problems. With the professional help and treatment from Dr. Chester, our dog had a happy life until he died at age 15.

We used to enjoy taking Bandit to Dr. Chester, and Bandit just loved him. He would get down on the floor in his nice, clean office and play with the dog, then examine him and give him a treat. It was not hard to see or tell how much Dr. Chester loves all animals.

There is always two sides to every story, and we believe someone had rotten feelings for Dr. Chester and therefore turned him in trying to hurt him and his business. Dr. Chester never let anyone do any type of surgery on any animal unless he was sure the person could do it without harm to the animal.

During an appointment for Bandit, while in the examining room, I said to Dr. Chester he chose the right profession. Dr. Chester said to me that he went to college to become a veterinarian to help animals, and he would get so disgusted to hear some of his classmates say they wanted to see how much money they could make in a year. Dr. Chester said he wanted to see how many animals he could save in a year.

We have an enormous amount of respect and love for Dr. Chester and his office staff. You have a lot of customers waiting for your return (so consider this a vacation).