Dr. Chester deserves support from us

I have been taking my pets to Dr. William Chester since the 1980s and have always found him to be a compassionate human being as well as a very competent veterinarian. He and his staff have seen me through the loss of a number of my pets as well as maintaining the health of my current pets. Dr. Chester and his staff arranged to see me after hours when privacy was a necessity, and he even got into our vehicle when our Alaskan malamute was not able to get out on his own. He cares more about the welfare of the animals than about the dollars and cents. That’s a hard thing to find these days.

I know the charges sound horrific to those just reading about them in the news, and the state only looks at the laws. As the saying goes, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” There may have been extenuating circumstances the public will never know. One possibility is an operation was being finished when an emergency case arrived and if immediate attention was not given to that animal, the person’s pet may not have lived. Or maybe the staff person was being trained. I didn’t hear of any harm coming to the animals that the staff person treated. I have encountered some instances in my life that a person may have had the “sheepskin,” but was only “book smart” and not capable of actually doing the job.

As Colleen Snyder said in her letter to the editor, I will continue to endorse Dr. Chester as my veterinarian and await his return and hope all of his former clients do the same.

This is the time to support a man who has been there for all of us when we needed him.