Dollar General may open in village

MAYFIELD – Mayor Jamie Ward and officials said the village may get a Dollar General store.

Dollar General may open a location at 2480 Route 30 in the village, according to Ward and Code Enforcement Officer Michael Stewart.

Dollar General’s contractor, Bohler Engineering, approached the village about changing the zoning of the lot from residential to commercial in order to place the store there, Stewart said.

Stewart said the Village Board, in a July meeting, approved a zoning change to rezone a portion of the lot from residential to commercial.

Currently, a home sits on the property. A sign at the house indicates an auction of the contents of the home is scheduled for Saturday.

Ward said the home would be removed to make room for the new store.

The mayor said he is excited about the prospects for the Dollar General.

“It is going to create 20-plus jobs, plus a decent salary manager position,” Ward said.

Stewart said no plans for the new store have been submitted, but expects preliminary plans to be submitted sometime next week.

By itself, though, Ward said the revenues from this new business will not make up for lost revenue from Walmart.

“It will help with that; it won’t make up all of it,” Ward said.

Sales-tax revenue from the former Walmart store in the town of Johnstown previously went to several municipalities, including Mayfield. When the store moved to Gloversville, the revenue stopped going to the towns.

Paul Wilde, a village trustee, said between the plans for the new Dollar General and the new Runnings store in the town of Johnstown opening in November, he is confident the village will regain revenue.

“We were never a super rich village, but we maintained everything well,” Wilde said.

Ward said Bohler Engineering was very receptive to questions and concerns brought up by the village.

According to Ward, the Village Board held a public hearing Wednesday for a second zoning resolution to change several lots between the proposed Dollar General location and the Mayfield State Trooper Barracks to commercial zoning. No comments were heard during the public hearing, he said this morning.

The zoning changes are set to be voted on at the Village Board’s next meeting, Sept. 17.

Dollar General and Bohler Engineering did not return calls seeking comment.