Generator eyed at school

NORTHVILLE – The Northville Community Preparation Association continues to work toward providing the Northville Central School with a generator to complete the Red Cross Emergency Evacuation Site requirements.

The group is searching for a government surplus generator to buy with its existing funds. If the generator is acquired, a special switch will need to be installed at the school, a news release said.

The Northville Community Preparation Association continues to look for financial support for this project.

To donate, send a check to The Community Preparation Association, P.O. Box 749, Northville, NY 12134.

The need for the generator continues to escalate due to more and more intense weather events, the release said.

According to the release, Angelika Klapputh, from the American Red Cross said: “Events are increasing, as are related fatalities. The Fort Plain floods resulted in a fatality and there were a few during Hurricane Sandy. The very recent events in Central New York, among them tornadoes, cost lives as well. Within the Red Cross, the Northeast has been the ‘easy’ division, but that is quickly changing. The problem is that we are fighting an uphill battle because people here still feel safe until they are affected personally.”

The release also said there is only one 69,000KW power line from Mayfield going north that supplies all of the power for the area.

Another factor boosting the need for the generator is the population decline in the Adirondack Park coupled with the average age of residents increasing, the release sad.

According to the release, the Adirondack Park Regional Assessment 2014 shows the park’s population is declining at a steadily increasing pace, and the median age of people in the park is eight years older than in the rest of the state.

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