Mohawk paving roads

MOHAWK – The town has completed paving on several local roads and may try to get the speed limit lowered on one.

Highway Superintendent William Holvig said paving, striping and shoulder work has been completed on Old Johnstown Road. He said James Street, Parry Boulevard, Pavlus Lane and Reservoir Road all have had work done on them as well.

The town is discussing putting in a request with state lawmakers to reduce the speed limit on Old Johnstown Road. The speed limit on the road is currently 55 miles per hour.

Supervisor Ed Bishop said the state has to approve the lowering of the speed limit.

Holvig said that when the town is doing road work on Old Johnstown Road, the road is closed because it is too dangerous for workers to do projects on it while it is open.

“It’s not only the speed people go, but it’s blind hills and curves and it’s just a dangerous road,” Holvig said.

The town received $8,604 from the one-time state Extreme Weather Recovery capital fund to help with the cost of paving. The fund was created to help offset the cost of road repairs that would be needed in many areas across the state after the 2013-14 winter.

Combined with other state money, Holvig said the town is getting $80,732 from the state to help offset the cost of the paving projects.

The town also moved $250,000 from the unappropriated highway account into the capital improvements portion of the highway budget to help pay for the paving.

Holvig said the towns of Ephratah, Palatine and Amsterdam all helped by letting the town use pieces of equipment to do some of the work.

Holvig said he is also hoping to work on several dead-end streets to make it easier for snowplows to turn around. He said several dead-end streets require plow truck drivers to back out of them instead of being able to turn around.

The town would likely need to purchase the right of way for these streets in order to create the turnarounds, officials said.