City DPW crews to work overtime for pothole repairs

GLOVERSVILLE – City Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones said he has come up with a solution to finish road repairs in the city.

During a recent Common Council meeting, Jones said he has spoken with several department employees about working 10-hour days Monday through Thursday while still working eight hours on Friday from August until September. The extra time would be used for pothole repairs, Jones said.

“We did some financial projections on this. If I have a 10-man crew who takes me up on this, [along with] two masons, the total possible expenditure [for overtime] is under $30,000,” Jones said.

Jones said the crew began this policy earlier last week, but is willing to revisit the issue with members of the board if costs get too high.

“I don’t need the money right now,” Jones said.

Jones believed this would allow the crews to finish road repairs, such as potholes, before winter.

“We’re hopeful,” Jones said. “There is some masonry work that may not get done, but the surface repairs [will be done].”

Due to last winter’s severe freezing temperatures and the age of the city’s infrastructure, Jones said, much more work needs to be done.

Other DPW news brought before the council:

  • Paving and modifications on certain city streets are expected to begin shortly, Jones said.

Jones said the city’s paving program would be done by Gorman Group. Originally, Jones expected the crews to begin work today, but due to a delay in another project, he said the crews would not begin until Wednesday.

“We should roll right from where we are to the street program,” Jones said.

Changes to paving guidelines require any resurfacing project that alters the highway to abide with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For every street corner the improvements are made on, the sidewalks will need to be modified to meet the current ADA requirements.

Twenty-three streets in the city are expected to be repaired.

Jones warned there may be traffic problems while work is ongoing, but asked for patience while the work is being completed.

  • The Hill Street Bridge project is continuing, with crews still working on replacing the bridge.

“We are on target hopefully to have it finished this year and have it opened,” Jones said.

The city in June awarded a $997,711 contract to Stephen Miller General Contractors to repair the bridge. The city received eight bids for the reconstruction project. Miller’s bid was the lowest.