City police captain to retire Aug. 29

GLOVERSVILLE – City police Capt. John Sira will be retiring at the end of this month after 28 years of public service.

During a recent Common Council meeting, police Chief Donald VanDeusen announced Sira was seeking to retire.

Sira confirmed his retirement this morning.

“I’m ready to pursue other opportunities and professional challenges and look forward to doing so,” Sira said.

VanDeusen said the pair started as patrolmen around the same time, moving up to sergeants and then into command positions.

Sira said he had specific plans he was working on, but declined to disclose them.

“It is personal in nature,” Sira said.

Sira’s last day is scheduled for Aug. 29. His replacement will be selected from members of the police department. VanDeusen said the department will need to look into filling both the captain’s slot and any other positions that could open up through internal promotions.

“There is an individual on the civil service list who I believe is capable of filling that position,” VanDeusen said. He did not reveal who that individual is.

During the council meeting, VanDeusen stressed the need for a new captain as soon as possible.

VanDeusen said Sira has been a positive member of the force for many years.

“I’m sorry to see him leave,” VanDeusen said.

Sira said he was happy to serve the city and proud of his nearly 30 years of service.

“I’ve had a very fruitful and complete career. It is a very satisfactory career. I enjoyed my time here. I enjoyed working with people both in the agency and within the community, and I look forward to, at some point in time, moving forward and serving them in some other capacity,” Sira said.

Sira will draw retirement from the state Police and Fire Retirement System, but specific numbers were not available.