Area riders post victories at Royal

CAROGA LAKE – Three area riders picked up wins during Monster Energy Motocross action Sunday at Royal Mountain Ski Area.

Johnstown’s Todd Cleveland claimed wins in three different classes during the Central New York Motocross Riders Association event, which was the sixth and final motocross event of the season at Royal.

Cleveland won all six motos he competed in, on his way to winning the plus-30 expert, plus-40 expert and plus-45 expert classes.

Johnstown’s Casey Battisti won the 122-125 novice class, while Johnstown’s Brandon Handy won the 85cc 12- to 15-year-old class. Handy also placed fourth in the open mini 10 to 16-year-old class.

In addition to Cleveland, two other riders also won multiple classes Sunday.

Richfield Springs’ Dan Bloomfield won the 122-125 amateur and 122-open amateur classes, while Berkshire’s Colby Davis won the 65cc 10-and-11-year-old and junior mini 9- to 11-year-old classes.

Other winners included Queensbury’s Brydon Broe (51cc pee wee junior 4-6), Clifton Park’s Gavin Betts (51cc pee wee senior 7-8), McGraw’s Jacob Henry (65cc 7-9), Cobleskill’s Ryan Daly (schoolboy 12-16), Schoharie’s Greg Cleveland (collegeboy 14-24), Edmeston’s Adam Tilbe (plus-25 amateur), Rome’s Scott Bush (plus-30 novice), Lewis’ Paul Zelinsky (plus-45 amateur), Holland Patent’s Mike Murray (plus 50), Locke’s Michael Compagni (122-125 two-stroke), West Winfield’s Jacob Tripple (plus-30 quad), New Berlin’s Dylan Harrington (122-250 beginner), Sterling’s Greg Parry (122-open beginner), Berkshire’s Patrick Esposito (plus-30 amateur), Hartford’s Rusty Braunsdorf (plus-40 amateur), Bainbridge’s Matt Mathewson (122-open novice), Fulton’s Andrew Lindsley (mini quad 50), Queensbury’s Mason St. John-Lemery (mini quad 51-90cc production), Moriah’s Zach DeSimone, Queensbury’s Tyler Jarvis (quad novice), Ballston Spa’s Jared Cordero (open mini 10-16), Parish’s Chris Davis (quad expert), Troy’s Peter Miller (quad schoolboy) and L.J. Lashway of Williamsburg, Mass., won the 51cc oil injected 4- to 8-year-old class.

Several area riders posted top-10 finishes.

Johnstown’s Max Miller was second in the 51cc pee wee junior 4- to 6-year-old class.

In the 51cc pee wee senior 7-and-8-year-old class, Johnstown’s Bennett Melita was second, Fort Plain’s Ashton Neff was third, Johnstown’s Jack Miller was fifth and Amsterdam’s Caden Dumblewski was sixth.

Melita also placed fifth in the 65cc 7- to 9-year-old class.

Fultonville’s John Fonda III was second in the 65cc 10-and-11-year-old class, while Casey Battisti was third in the schoolboy 12- to 16-year-old class.

Johnstown’s Adryan Pelosi was second in the collegeboy 14- to 24-year-old class and the 122-open amateur class.

St. Johnsville’s Burton Wilson was ninth in the plus-25 amateur class, while Gloversville’s Jason Cook was sixth in the plus-30 novice class.

In the 122-250 beginner class, Johnstown’s Sean Smith was second and Amsterdam’s Jonathon Dumblewski was sixth.

Smith also placed second in the 122-open beginner class.

Amsterdam’s Jeremy Tittemore was third in the plus-30 amateur class.

In the 122-125 amateur class, Stratford’s Jacob Danyew was sixth and Gloversville’s Jake Laubenstein was eighth.

Danyew also was sixth in the 122-open amateur class.

Royal Mountain will be back in action Wednesday, hosting Monster Energy Supercross competition. Racing is slated to begin at 7 p.m. This week’s event will feature a Monster Energy testing night, where samples of Monster drinks will be available.

For more information on Royal Mountain, visit its website,

Monster Energy Motocross

at Royal Mountain Ski Area

51 Pee Wee Junior (4-6): 1. Brydon Broe (Queensbury), 2. Max Miller (Johnstown), 3. Tucker Zimmerman (Rome), 4. Deagan Capobianco (Sidney)

51 Pee Wee Senior (7-8): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 3. Ashton Neff (Fort Plain), 4. Peyton Viger (Gansevoort), 5. Jack Miller (Johnstown)

65cc (7-9): 1. Jacob Henry (McGraw), 2. Seth Zelinsky (Woodbridge, Va.), 3. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 4. Trevor Zimmerman (Rome), 5. Bennett Melita (Johnstown)

65cc (10-11): 1. Colby Davis (Berkshire), 2. John Fonda III (Fultonville), 3. Kaden Ozog (Poland), 4. Isaac Lawyer (Saratoga Springs), 5. Ryan Neidhart (Waterville)

85cc (12-15): 1. Brandon Handy (Johnstown), 2. Jason Viger (Gansevoort), 3. Noah Posson (Norwich)

Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Ryan Daly (Cobleskill), 2. Tyler Bigford (Sherburne), 3. Casey Battisti (Johnstown), 4. Michael Compagni (Locke), 5. Dylan Seymour (Norwich)

Collegeboy (14-24): 1. Greg Cleveland (Schoharie), 2. Adryan Pelosi (Johnstown), 3. Anthony Barker (Chittenango), 4. Tanner Curley (Oneonta), 5. Wyatt Hoffman (New Berlin)

Plus-25 Amateur: 1. Adam Tilbe (Edmeston), 2. Patrick Esposito (Berkshire), 3. Dustin Peterson (Fort Edward), 4. Andrew Tripple (Bridgewater), 5. Scott Lindholm (New Berlin)

Plus-30 Novice: 1. Scott Bush (Rome), 2. Jeremy Inman (West Winfield), 3. Bernadette Griffith (Greene), 4. Todd Kinne (Frankfort), 5. David Posson (Norwich)

Plus-30 Expert: 1. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown), 2. Grent Gastrom (Ilion), 3. Brent Seymour (Norwich)

Plus-40 Expert: 1. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown), 2. Brent Seymour (Norwich)

Plus-45 Amateur: 1. Paul Zelinsky (Lewis), 2. Jeff Cook (Willet), 3. Rusty Braunsdorf (Hartford), 4. Dominic Carnibucci (Averill Park), 5. David Hurlburt (Oneonta)

Plus-45 Expert: 1. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown), 2. Mike Murray (Holland Patent)

Plus 50: 1. Mike Murray (Holland Patent), 2. Jim Croft (Hartwick), 3. Gary Lyons (Burlington Flats), 4. Stanley Pawlikowski (Delhi)

122-125 Two-Stroke: 1. Michael Compagni (Locke), 2. Alex Lyons (Hartwick)

Plus-30 Quad: 1. Jacob Tripple (West Winfield), 2. David Kowell (Syracuse), 3. Brian Ritton (Schenevus)

51cc Oil Injected (4-8): 1. L.J. Lashway (Williamsburg, Mass.)

122-250 Beginner: 1. Dylan Harrington (New Berlin), 2. Sean Smith (Johnstown), 3. Schyler Schur (Middle Grove), 4. Kevin Gregory (Ilion), 5. Austin Natta (Hadley)

122-Open Beginner: 1. Greg Parry (Sterling), 2. Sean Smith (Johnstown), 3. Sean Hamlin (Remsen)

Plus-30 Amateur: 1. Patrick Esposito (Berkshire), 2. Scott Lindholm (New Berlin), 3. Jeremy Tittemore (Amsterdam), 4. Craig Harold (Johnson City), 5. David Ozog (Poland)

Plus-40 Amateur: 1. Rusty Braunsdorf (Hartford), 2. Dominic Carnibucci (Averill Park), 3. Paul Zelinsky (Lewis), 4. Jeff Cook (Willet), 5. David Hurlburt (Frankfort)

122-125 Amateur: 1. Dan Bloomfield (Richfield Springs), 2. Zach Fancher (Warnersville), 3. Tyler Bigford (Sherburne), 4. Ryan Daly (Cobleskill), 5. Bobby Gage (Sloansville)

122-125 Novice: 1. Casey Battisti (Johnstown), 2. Chris Streeter (Hudson Falls), 3. Justin Kelly (New Hartford), 4. Douglas Wyman (Remsen), 5. Austin Phoenix (Walton)

122-Open Amateur: 1. Dan Bloomfield (Richfield Springs), 2. Adryan Pelosi (Johnstown), 3. Greg Cleveland (Schoharie), 4. Zach Fancher (Warnersville), 5. Anthony Barker (Chittenango)

122-Open Novice: 1. Matt Mathewson (Bainbridge), 2. Edward Ladd III (Queensbury), 3. Andrew Kata (Otisville), 4. Michael Sypolt (Poland), 5. Perry Clark (Newport)

Mini Quad 50: 1. Andrew Lindsley (Fulton)

Mini Quad (51-90cc Production): 1. Mason St. John-Lemery (Queensbury), 2. Jason Morrison Jr. (Johnstown), 3. Gage Larson (Willet), 4. Kiara Eaton (Palmyra), 5. Wyndam Spooner (East Worcester)

Quad Amateur: 1. Zach DeSimone (Moriah), 2. Jason Holbert (Burlington Flats)

Quad Novice: 1. Tyler Jarvis (Queensbury), 2. Adam Briggs (Fulton), 3. Zach Drew (Baldwinsville), 4. Elijah Huntly (Clayton), 5. Deryck Montante (Clayton)

Quad Expert: 1. Chris Davis (Parish), 2. Jeremiah Birdsall (West Edmeston)

Quad Schoolboy: 1. Peter Miller (Troy), 2. Gavin Fleury (Ticonderoga), 3. Kenneth Nitz (Troy)

Junior Mini (9-11): 1. Colby Davis (Berkshire), 2. Isaac Lawyer (Saratoga Springs), 3. Jacob Henry (McGraw), 4. Jacob Slabe (Mohawk), 5. John Fonda III (Fultonville)

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Jared Cordero (Ballston Spa), 2. Ryan Conte (New Hartford), 3. Jeremy Conklin II (Brooklandale), 4. Brandon Handy (Johnstown), 5. Jason Viger (Gansevoort)