Pet owners blessed to have Dr. Chester

Sometimes good people use bad judgment. Dr. William Chester made a mistake, if what was reported is true. He should and will pay the price. That’s the end of that part of the story.

If you have a beloved pet, you know the importance of a veterinarian. If you are lucky enough to have Dr. Chester as that veterinarian, you are blessed. He is caring, compassionate, up-to-date, intelligent and gentle. He treats not only the animal but the nervous, frightened human masters.

He’s down on the floor with the dogs and cradles the cats, treats in his pocket. He listens to the owner’s worries. We are never rushed, never brushed off, never made to feel silly, though often we are.

My best memory of Dr. Chester is when our beloved dog, Smokey, was diagnosed with incurable cancer. We were inconsolable. He said, “Take him home for the weekend. Love him and say goodbye and come back on Monday. If you need me before that, call me at home.” That Monday, he came out to our truck in the parking lot and euthanized Smokey as we sat and cuddled our canine child, tears dripping down our faces. Then, Dr. Chester spent time consoling the broken-hearted owners. No rush, no charge.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s one facet of a person’s life. Don’t judge anyone by their mistakes alone. We love you, Dr. Chester.