Mobile app joins anti-DWI effort

FONDA?- STOP-DWI New York has launched a free mobile app, Have A Plan, that encourages people to have a plan to get home safely if they are impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The app on iPhone, Android and Windows platforms targets users in the 18-34 age range, offering such features as an ability to preload a list of designated drivers, find a taxi via GPS, an alcohol impairment estimator, motor-skills tests to assess impairment level and a “Report DWI” button that connects users to 911 operators.

The app also offers a list of DWI facts and myths, access to STOP-DWI social media sites and an RSS for news impaired driving.

“The Have A Plan app will be important in the effort to prevent impaired driving,” Montgomery County STOP-DWI Coordinator Jeffery T. Smith said in a news release. “We want people to enjoy themselves, but we also want them to get home safely. This app helps its users do that by placing a tool in the hands of a potentially impaired driver to find a safe way home.”

The app was developed by STOP-DWI New York and Staples Marketing under a grant from the state Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

“I urge drivers to have a plan to get a sober ride home from a friend, a taxi or by using public transportation,” Smith added in the release. “The new Have A Plan app can help guide individuals to make the right choice to get home safely. Don’t put yourself or others in harm’s way by driving while impaired.”