Caroga considering term changes

CAROGA – The Town Board has approved a proposal that would extend the term limits for the town Supervisor and the town highway supervisor.

Voters this November will be able to vote on two proposals that would extend both the town supervisor and highway superintendent’s terms from two years to four years.

Supervisor Ralph Ottuso said changing the length of the terms would bring them in line with other town officials.

“Our councilmen are four years, our town justice is four years, our clerk is four years. So we just wanted everyone to be on the same page,” Ottuso said. “As people newly elected, a two year term [has] you just getting your feet on the ground, learning the job, and then you have to run again.

So this makes it easier to learn the job within the three to four year bracket and helps the town transition better.”

The resolutions, according to town Clerk Linda Gilbert, were approved by the board 4-0. Town Board member Greta Frasier was not present at Friday’s meeting.

No public hearings need to be scheduled for these proposals, Gilbert said.

If approved in November, Ottuso and town Highway Superintendent Steve Putman would finish their current terms, which began Jan. 1. The new terms of office would affect officials elected after 2016.

“It would not take effect immediately… These people are still in office,” Gilbert said.

Ottuso said these proposals have been discussed for several years.

“We decided to put it on the agenda and then put it to the voters, give the voters the decision on it,” Ottuso said.

No real protests have been heard, Ottuso said, about the proposal.

“Everybody seems to be pretty receptive about it, We will just see what happens in November,” he said.