To be beacons, bow knees to God daily

What does it mean to bow our knees to God?

1.) We recognize Christ’s Lordship, then do his will.

2.) We live daily in submission to him, the Lord Christ.

3.) We yield our entire body, soul and mind to Christ.

4.) We allow Christ, who is God, to live in and through us.

In the 21st century the church is much like the church of Thyatira – a church of compromise. L.E. Maxwell writes in “Born Crucified,” The church as a whole is “living after the flesh – and dying, going into atrophy and death.” Therefore, the called-out assembly of believers, the church, are fools since in not bowing their knees to God, they are living carnal lives. The word for church in the Greek is ekklesia and we are giving poor witness to the world who are watching Christians to see if they live up to their Christian witness. The church at Corinth was noted for its immorality and divisiveness. The Holy Spirit indwells believers so the fruit of the spirit is exhibited in our lives. Christians are to be beacons in an evil world as we bow our knees to God. In the last letter I wrote I stated, “a man who seems to be good may actually be a bad man.” Very often, people wear a mask. We put on a phony, hypocritical front. People may show the world they’re loving and kind, but in the privacy of their homes be wife beaters. So, how do we be people who bow our knees to God in sincerity?

A.) Confession and repentance of sins.

B.) Listening to God through his word.

C.) Asking the Holy Spirit to convict you of transgressions.

God saved us in his mercy (Titus 3:5). We deserved judgment and condemnation, but he gave us his salvation. Mercy is giving us what we do deserve, but grace is giving us what we don’t deserve. If we as Christians are to be beacons, bow your knees to God, yielding to him daily.