Sheriff takes aim at Cuomo’s policies

GLOVERSVILLE – Republican Lt. Gov. candidate Chris Moss visited Fulton County on Wednesday to speak with voters and local officials.

Moss – who is seeking office with Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, the GOP’s nominee for governor – made several stops throughout the day, including at Mountain Valley Hospice.

Moss was critical of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration and much of his trip seemed focused on the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.

As the Chemung County Sheriff, Moss said, he has concerns about the act.

“It is not making New Yorkers any safer. It is a bunch of arbitrary rules that define what an assault rifle is, from the magazine capacity to the registering of those rifles. It is not going to make any New Yorkers any safer because we know the day when a bad guy wants to get a gun, they don’t jump through the same hoops you or I, a law abiding citizen, do. So, what has the SAFE Act done? It has made it so that law-abiding citizens who pay their taxes and own homes, it made it harder for them to possess firearms we shouldn’t have a problem with,” Moss said.

Moss said new laws should focus on combating mental illness and criminals gaining access to firearms.

“We need smart gun legislation,” Moss said.

Moss also spoke out against corruption within Albany, and said he and Astorino are tired of watching what goes on in the Capitol.

“We can go to Albany with a clean set of eyes and weed out the corruption. …We need to go out there and have a true independent commission rather than one handpicked and run by the governor. There is a lot of work to do in Albany and corruption is a high topic on the voters’ mind, and we have to do something about it,” Moss said.

Moss also criticized Cuomo not scheduling a debate with Astorino.

“If he is afraid to let New Yorkers put his record up against Rob Astorino’s record, I think New Yorkers will be able to make their own conclusions,” he said.

Moss also discussed the Common Core education standards. The Astorino campaign filed petitions Tuesday totalling to 62,000 signatures to also run under an independent party line, Stop Common Core.

Sue McNeil, Fulton County Republican Committee chairwoman, said the group was stopping at Mountain Valley Hospice to give Moss a perspective of the type of organizations and people he will need to be aware of if he wins.

“It is not just the businesses, it is not just the tourists, it is not just the Fonda Fair or the parade, it is this too,” McNeil said.

Among his stops Wednesday, Moss was scheduled to appear at Frank’s Guns and Tackle and at the Pine Tree Rifle Club,