Local veterinarian offers excellent care

I was shocked and dismayed to hear of the three-month suspension of Dr. William Chester’s practicing license.

I have been taking family pets to Dr. Chester for 20 years and have always felt they received excellent care. I have found him to be hard-working and amazingly accessible, even putting his home number on the office answering machine for after-hours emergencies.

Dr. Chester loves animals and understands their importance in people’s lives. My grandmother-in-law, Julia DiMezza, inherited her dog when her daughter died. She took Niki to Dr. Chester and he was wonderful with her, trying his hardest to keep the dog going despite her congestive heart failure. As he needed to see Niki more often, he even waived his office fee for Grandma, who was 92 at the time. When I thanked him for all he had done, he said, “Pets signify so much to people. Sometimes they are a last connection to someone that they have lost.”

Dr. Chester is a veterinarian who not only provides great care, but also keeps the care affordable. He relies on knowledge, experience and a good history and exam to arrive at a diagnosis, instead of ordering a battery of expensive tests. When he does order a test, I never wonder whether it is necessary.

I look forward to Dr. Chester’s return to practice. I will continue to take my dog to him, confident Buddy will receive quality care.

As a bonus, we will get the kindness and humanity Dr. Chester brings to the practice of veterinary medicine.