Veto seems unnecessary

Mayor Dayton King has indicated he plans to veto the Common Council’s recently passed local law authorizing a referendum in November to determine whether the city should replace its current form of government with a city-manager form of government. King has said he would allow the referendum to go forward, if the Common Council agreed to put up his proposal for restructuring how members of the council are elected. King would like to see each of the members of the council elected by all of the citizens of the city, rather than having them represent individual city wards.

We think it’s unlikely the council will agree to King’s terms, which means if he vetoes the city-manager referendum, the public will probably be denied the opportunity to vote on the idea.

We think that would be a mistake, and would only serve to prolong the gridlock at City Hall. If King vetoes this legislation, it will only be a matter of time before the council passes it again, and this fight will simply continue until five members of the council agree to override King’s veto. It would be better for Gloversville if the city-manager idea is voted on by the public. After that, either King or the members of the council who support eliminating the mayor’s position will have a clear mandate from the public.