School district focuses on new academic goals

GLOVERSVILLE – The Gloversville Enlarged School District are reviewing new administrative goals heading into the 2014-15 school year.

According to district Superintendent Mike Vanyo, the 2014-15 school year will see several target goals put into place after a meeting with advisers.

“We need to have better accountability,” Vanyo said.

Former Bethlehem superintendent Leslie Loomis, who worked with the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District to improve their teaching model, assisted Gloversville in researching these goals.

Rob Curtis, Gloversville school board president, said these goals are administrative goals for members of faculty to keep in mind.

Vanyo said once the goals are in place, district administration will need to focus on them and be accountable towards them.

“I think that is what we all want,” Vanyo said.

These goals contain familiar topics, such as increasing the overall graduation rate, which Vanyo said was the primary focus.

“We are focusing everything and tying it into literacy,” Vanyo said.

Vanyo said the district is trying to get high school students to graduate on time by working with freshmen to keep them in school and keep them interested.

One goal is to reduce the total number of students with 20 or more absences by 20 percent.

“We are going to make a list of students who have 20 or more days and every principal is going after them right at the beginning,” Vanyo said.

Another goal is to raise the overall number number of students with a reading level at or above grade level by 5 percent.

“We are going to see really good results with our reading programs down the road,” Vanyo said.

Vanyo said the district also wishes to see students score higher on state assessments, better passing rate on regents exams and to lower class failures in high school by 10 percent.

“This is not going to be an easy feat,” Vanyo said.

Focuses for the 2014-15 school district include: leadership, data and what actions will be taken.

More information will be shared during the Aug. 26 school board meeting, Vanyo said.