Vehicle repairs costly for town

PERTH – Town Highway Supervisor David Dopp said his department is running low on funds after a brutal winter devestated much of the department’s vehicles.

According to Dopp, during Thursday’s Town Board meeting, he told members of the Town Board that the highway department was running out of money for several accounts in their budget, and will require more.

Dopp said Friday the department’s machinery and snow budgets were both extremly low following a tough winter.

The machinery budget, normally set at $25,000, is down to less than $30, Dopp said, after repairs were needed to multiple vehicles.

Town Board member Walter Kowalczyk said a new dump bed was needed for a dump truck, as well as new mufflers for some vehicles.

Dopp also said the town’s snow budget, set at $55,000, has around $100 left in it. In a normal year, Dopp said, more than $10,000 would be left.

A resolution was passed, Dopp said, to move $7,000 from the highway department’s general repair budget to the machinery fund to pay for some repairs. Kowalczyk said the repairs include a new clutch and trunnion bushings for a truck.

Dopp blamed the fiscal shortfalls on the intense winter and the number of snow storms.

According to Dopp, a $25,000 cut also was made to the 2014 snow budget.

Dopp said the board may have to move money around inside the department’s budget or move money from the general budget to cover the work. Dopp said they may move money from the deparment’s paving budget to fill the shortfalls.

Dopp said he is making a list of repairs that need to be done so he can sit down with town Supervisor Greg Fagan to discuss future purchases.

Kowalczyk said the board will need to move highway department money around in the future for 2015.

“Other than that, we gotta raise the highway budget,” Kowalczyk said.

Kowalczyk said increased costs, along with paying off the $383,000 loan for the new highway garage, may require raising taxes in the 2015.

budget, but said it would be up to the board.