Southworth is right choice for Democrats

Some politicians tell us it’s time for a change, but the statement is hollow because they are just more of the same – the same political machine turning out the same cookie-cutter candidate that is totally controlled by the party. Patti Southworth breaks that mold. Patti did not seek the endorsement of the local Democratic Party.

She believes the Democratic voters should decide who the candidate is. That is why this Sept. 9, there will be a Democratic primary for New York State Senate’s 49th District. Patti is putting democracy back in the Democratic Party. Patti works for us, the people of 49th Senate District. Patti is not beholden to a political machine or special-interest groups. None of Patti’s campaign money came from downstate or banking interests.

I support Patti for Senate because she is honest and straightforward and tells you the truth. You don’t get any double-talk from her. What you do get is a candidate who has traveled to all five counties and talked firsthand to the residents to better understand their needs and concerns, so when she becomes senator, she can fight for them in state government. Patti is a populist candidate. All her campaign material has her personal cell number on it. Anyone can call and ask her a question directly.

If you want real change for the better and a New York state senator who works for you, then vote for Patti Southworth.


Burnt Hills