Southworth visiting district’s residents

Primaries for many local offices will be held Sept. 9, including one that will determine who will run against Hugh Farley. If you’re looking to see who these candidates are and wondering how to decide, here’s a quick way to separate fact from fluff:

One candidate, Patti Southworth, has been all over the 49th, going where real people gather. Since declaring her intent to win the primary election, Patti has been to: the Winterfest in Long Lake; the Caroga Lake Block Party; she’s attended a fundraiser at the Rod and Gun Club in Dolgeville; AirJet in Gloversville; McComb’s Oak Hill Farm; Mohawk Cabinet; Woodworking and Fine Arts in Northville; and other places of business and recreation, which make the 49th a challenging and fascinating area of the state to represent. Patti has also walked the picket lines in order to meet the working men and women; she’s attended the Fulton County Board of Supervisors meeting and other town meetings to better understand the issues facing each county. Patti is not the product of controlling political parties, she is an independent Democrat looking to be on the Democrat line in the November elections.

The “endorsed” Democratic candidate to challenge Hugh Farley in November can be found at party-sponsored fundraisers, sipping wine or huddled at the Democrat booth in a cow-barn at the fair. Since she has never held elected office, she relies on the political parties to get out the vote.

Meet the candidates yourself. To speak with Patti, call 441-6548. It’s not the office phone, either; it’s her personal phone. Patti knows that there’s too much work to be done here to live in Florida.


Ballston Spa