Give Caroga Lake Music Festival a try

Members of the Caroga Lake Music Festival had me at Nick Stoner Inn. Last summer, my wife and I were invited to hear the musicians play there. It was a fun event for them, playing classical to rock, and a learning experience for me.

Sitting 10 feet away, I got caught up in the passion of the artists in interpreting the music. Passion tends to be an overused word now, but watching the facial expressions change with the music was fascinating to me. I saw those who were not playing at the moment focus on the technique of their peers. As an educator, those are dream students.

My wife and I attended the concert at the Caroga Lake Chapel last Saturday night, sitting in the front row. Wow! Singer Cara Samantha, who sang songs she wrote and was backed by all strings, was another wow.

My knowledge of classical music is extremely limited. But, now I am hooked on this concert series. It took some time for me to figure out whom they were talking about when they correctly pronounced Debussy. It’s not De Bu Sea like I had been taught.

There are still play dates left. I urge you to not watch television but go to the free concert, sit in back and if the music is not right for you, leave during the applause. It’s OK. Please give it a chance, as I did.