County weighs new office wing

FONDA – Montgomery County is considering building a new office wing at the county jail in Glen and moving some of the county’s departments into it.

County Executive Matt Ossenfort said the county is putting together a $3.3 million proposal that would involve moving several departments now housed in the county annex building on Park Street and the county courthouse and office building on Broadway.

Ossenfort said the county would pay for the bulk of the project, but it is hoping a New York state program would cover some of the cost.

The county is seeking $678,000 in grants and low-interest financing through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application, which is part of the New York State New York Rising program.

Ossenfort said the county hopes to start the project by the spring.

The first step in moving departments, Ossenfort said, would be to move the county’s emergency management and public safety offices under one roof.

Ossenfort said the county has spent millions repairing county buildings after flooding, and wants to prevent such repairs in the future.

“We’re trying to be proactive and not reactive,” Ossenfort said.

Montgomery County communications specialist Andrew Santillo said emergency management, probation, public defenders and the coroner would be moved to the new wing of the public safety building on Route 5S, just outside the village of Fultonville.

Ossenfort said the county wants to move all of the departments now housed in the annex building because that building is prone to flooding. The building houses more than a dozen offices.

Most of the offices in the annex building would be moved to the county office building on Broadway.

Ossenfort said there is the possibility of relocating the Department of Social Services, now at the county office building, into its own building, but he said it is too early to tell if that would happen.

Santillo said the county expects to hear whether the funding application to the state is approved within the next several months.