County to keep some Tryon lights

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton County officials decided last week to keep about a dozen of the existing street lights at the Tryon site as they attempt to reconfigure infrastructure while maintaining security.

The Board of Supervisors’ Buildings and Grounds-Highway Committee reviewed options for street lights at the 515-acre Tryon site. The site is being redeveloped by the county and Fulton County Industrial Development Agency into a Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center.

County Planning Director James Mraz told supervisors the existing access road in Tryon is scheduled to become County Highway 117. He said when Jablonski Excavating of St. Johnsville completes construction of a new section of the road, a surveyed right-of-way description will be prepared for County Highway 117. The right-of-way will be deeded over from the IDA to the county, he said.

Mraz said there are 72 street lights along all of the existing roads throughout the Tryon site. Existing lights along County Highway 117 will all become county property once the right-of-way is deeded over. There are 20 existing lights that will become county-owned.

Mraz said the county has options regarding the lights that will be within the County Highway 117 right-of-way, including removing all of them. But he said supervisors last week didn’t want to take such a drastic step.

“The committee thought it would be a good idea to keep some there,” Mraz said. “It’s a balance of the cost of street lights versus security.”

He suggested only 12 lights be retained around County Highway 117. He said the estimated cost to operate the lights is about $3,000 per year and additional funds might need to be added to the county Highway Department budget.

Stratford Supervisor Robert Johnson Jr., chairman of the Buildings and Grounds-Highway Committee, said today there is a question about who pays for the lighting. He said the county may ask the town of Perth, where Tryon is largely located, to pay for some of the cost.

“All of the other towns and villages have been responsible for their own street lights,” Johnson said.

In his monthly report to the committee, Mraz said the Highway Department also will repave the existing internal access road.

Work will involve widening the road at the intersection with County Highway 107, installing a new culvert, installing a new asphalt top over all existing roads, and re-establishing roadside ditches to restore drainage.

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