Frugality key with school improvements

Concerning the Greater Johnstown School District’s proposed improvements:

1.) What kind of realistic estimate shows a difference of $23 million between the lowest and highest figures?

2.) Remember how enthusiastically construction of the high school swimming pool was endorsed by some? Now there is the possibility that the pool may become a gym.

3.) A decision was made in the past to move district offices to new construction in the high school. Now plans have these offices moved to the Jansen Avenue School. How will this area formerly used for the administration’s offices be utilized? How much is estimated for this project?

4.) That lounge for students using laptops seems extravagant. Will a happy hour flesh out their entertainment?

5.) In reference to Glebe Street Elementary School, the quote from the presenter of the proposal stated work would include “ceilings and doors and things of that nature.” Isn’t that last phrase indefinite and a concern even in a preliminary proposal?

Of course, our schools need maintenance and updating: Oftentimes, changes must occur.

However, folks in Johnstown are already coping with enough taxes, and we are not an affluent community where citizens may be better positioned to facilitate a $45 million expenditure.

Necessity and frugality should be determining factors in considering all improvements and changes.