Tavern to be sold at auction

MAYFIELD – Pour Jim’s Restaurant and Tavern will be sold off at an auction later this month, according to Geoff Gloak, spokesman for the Department of Taxation and Finance.

A sign located at the business announced Collar City Auctions in Troy will be running an auction Aug. 18 at 9 a.m. at the site.

According to Gloak, the auction was set due to the owner, James Peters, not paying back taxes owed on the establishment.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to work out a resolution thus far with the taxpayer,” Gloak said.

The property was seized in July.

In July, Cary Ziter of the Department of Taxation and Finance said the warrants against Pour Jim’s include $6,893 for withholding tax, $400 for corporation tax and $406,019 in sales tax. In total, Pour Jim’s owes $413,313 to the state.

According to the Fulton County Clerk’s Office’s records, Pour Jim’s has had multiple cases of owing taxes, dating back to 2006, with two federal tax liens set on the business on Nov. 4, 2013, and May 14, 2013, totalling more than $38,000. The records did not show if the liens had been satisfied.

As recently as in May and June, Pour Jim’s had paid back more than $2,000 to the state Department of Labor and more than $200 to the Department of Taxation and Finance.

According to Gloak, tax evasion is a crime subject to civil and criminal actions. So far, the department has only sought civil actions, such as seizing the building.

“That does not preclude criminal actions taking place; it is a possibility as well,” Gloak said. “But that is not something we would discuss prior to actual charges being filed.”

Gloak said the department is always willing to work with a taxpayer to solve these cases before a seizure or charges are necessary.

“It is always unfortunate when the last option is to seize a business and get it to auction,” Gloak said.

Peters could not be reached for comment Friday.