Swim, Bike, Run

GLOVERSVILLE – Saturday was a day of transitions at the fifth annual Peck’s Lake Challenge Sprint Triathlon, as the waters and roads became a fitness playground for adults from a wide variety of age groups and experience.

More than 100 registered triathletes took to the waters of Sunrise Bay to compete in a half-mile swim, followed by a nine-mile bike ride and a three-mile run. The weather held up for the racers, with cooler morning temperatures and dry skies.

Dressed in tri-suits or simple swimwear, two separate groups started five minutes apart. They waded into the water to get acclimated to the temperatures and get a look at the first leg of the course.

At 8:30, the first set of swimmers made their way out into the bay in a flash of kicking feet, slapping hands and flying water. Making it out past the quarter-mile marker buoys, swimmers made a quick turn to head back to shore.

The first swimmers started making it out of the water in around 10 minutes, racing up a hill to make their first transition out of swimming gear and into their biking clothes. Leaving the transition area, riders raced down North Shore Road and South Shore Road, a few hitting in excess of 20 miles per hour, before spinning around to make it back to the bay to begin the run.

The course took contestants through the towns of Johnstown and Bleeker of the course of the day.

Organizer Mick Brenno said he expected the race to be won in a little over an hour.

Racers were also allowed to compete in two- or three-person teams, with one person completing one section while another tackled a different task.

Brenno said the majority of participants would be in the 25- to 40-year-old range, but said people of all ages participated, with 18 being the minimum.

Gina Debiere-Gibbs, tourism director of the Fulton-Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce, said while the majority of people were from New York state, there were people from other states, including Vermont and Connecticut, taking part.

Participant Jean Karutis of Amsterdam was trying her hand at Peck’s Lake for the second time.

Karutis joked her goal for this year’s event was to do a little bit better than last year. She said the volunteers made the event great and was looking forward to competing with her daughter this year.

Participant Sylvia DeCarr of Guilderland said she was getting back into triathlons after taking a year off to heal from an injury. She has done the Peck’s Lake event before, along with several other area sprints.

DeCarr said she enjoys the smaller triathlons like Peck’s Lake, since everyone shared the same nervousness, and was there to have fun.

“I like it because its all different age groups,” DeCarr said.