Banquet facility in Perth for sale

PERTH – The Perthshire, a banquet hall that’s been operating for 20 years, is for sale.

The owner tried to sell the property at an auction Thursday, but received no bids.

According to owner Phyllis Kluska, she is seeking to retire after four years of running the hall by herself. She wants to focus on her other businesses.

“I want to retire … I am 65 and I want to start doing things,” Kluska said.

The 64-acre plot has a banquet hall with patio, a seven-room hotel, apartments and a pond, kitchen facilities and recreational facilities. The hall can seat up to 300 people.

County Line Auctions on Thursday tried to sell the land to anyone interested. More than a dozen people attended the auction, but no bids came in, even as the price went down to $500,000.

Jack Belknap, the auctioneer, closed the bidding and said the property would be sold through County Line Auctions at an undisclosed price.

Belknap said he believes there are interested parties willing to buy the property.

“It is a big piece of property to sell at auction,” Kluska said.

Kluska will continue to operate the Perthshire until someone buys it, she said.

“We will see what happens from here,” Kluska said.

Kluska bought the Perthshire with her late husband, David, in 1994, when it was the Perth Bible Camp.

“I was big into real estate. I spotted it and I wanted it,” Kluska said. “I said it would be a wonderful spot for weddings, and [my husband and I] bought it.”

Kluska said her husband died four years ago. She took over running the banquet hall on top of her other businesses. Despite wanting to sell the place, Kluska said a lot of happy memories were spent at the Perthshire.

Many have approached Kluska to say they were disappointed to hear she is selling the place.

“I just hope whoever buys it enjoys it as much as I have,” Kluska said.