Marketing plan for Tryon in works

JOHNSTOWN – Local officials and the head of a New Jersey consulting firm doing an ongoing marketing plan and analysis for the new Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center said this week the firm’s work will continue into 2015.

DCG Corplan Consulting LLC Managing Director Bruce Hoch said although some analysis work might done by year’s end, other work may extend further.

“We have some marketing work [planned] into next year,” Hoch said.

Fulton County Industrial Development Agency Executive Director James Mraz said Thursday the analysis part of DCG Corplan Consulting’s work realistically may not even be done until after the start of 2015.

Mraz is also planning director of the county, which is working with the IDA on the Tryon redevelopment project. The IDA is turning the former Tryon state youth detention facility into a business park.

Hoch said he couldn’t release any further details about his company’s pending marketing plan work because it has a confidentiality agreement with Fulton County government.

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors hired DCG Corplan Consulting LLC of West Orange, N.J., for $139,480 to prepare the analysis and marketing plan for Tryon. It’s scope of work includes preparation of an assessment of the Fulton County region, labor market and target industry analysis, a marketing plan, and development of a Tryon website.

Mraz said DCG Corplan Consulting is doing a “targeted industry analysis.”

“What we’re attempting to do after looking at criteria is to try to identify industry clusters,” he said.

Mraz said the marketing effort for the Tryon site involves analyzing the labor force within a 40-mile radius of the 515-acre Tryon property.

“What Bruce is doing is collecting employment data about this region,” he said. “He’s going to be looking at the labor force and transportation costs.”

The effort is part of the county’s continuing “Jump Start: Fulton County” economic development program.

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