F-F eyes breakfast ideas

FONDA – High school students at the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District may have a new breakfast option come fall.

Food Services Director Darla Sandford gave a presentation about the district’s meal program during Monday night’s Board of Education meeting. One of the topics discussed was ideas for breakfast for high school students.

Sandford said while the district has a high participation rate for elementary and middle school students for the breakfast program, high school students don’t use it as much.

Sandford cited the fact high school students have to go to the middle school to get a sit-down breakfast as a possible reason for the drop.

She told the board she talked with high school Principal David Halloran about the possibility of creating an express breakfast station that could give students access to a quick meal.

Possible items could include things like French toast sticks, mini pancakes, fresh fruit or two-grain muffins. She said students in high school are looking for something they can eat quickly and easily. The items would likely be sold a la carte and pricing would likely be different.

High school students would still be able to purchase a sit-down meal, Sandford said.

Interim Superintendent Raymond Colucciello said district nurses and physical education teachers work alongside the food service program to make sure students are eating well and being physically active.

“The health and welfare of all of our kids is real critical,” Colucciello said.

Food service is also using fresh herbs grown on school property in some lunch items, and some food items are obtained from area farms as well, Sandford and Colucciello said.

Sandford said there is currently a 67.7 percent participation rate for the district’s lunch program.

“To have two-thirds of your youngsters taking part actively in lunch is a great sign, they like our food,” Colucciello said.