Bet on Fulton County raises $23k

JOHNSTOWN – Eager contestants flocked to the Johnstown Holiday Inn Friday night for their chance in the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 20th annual $10,000 Bet on Fulton County Raffle.

As has been the custom in recent years, at the end of the evening the last two tickets in the raffle were given the choice of taking their chances at receiving either the $10,000 first prize or the $1,000 second prize, or combining the pot and splitting it evenly. They decided to play it safe and split the winnings.

Darla Perham of Mayfield took home $5,500 and the other $5,500 went to Jennifer and David Connolly and Jennifer’s mother Priscilla Curthoys, a family who bought their ticket together.

Jennifer Connolly said the family had been playing for the last 10 years.

“Every year we’ve been getting closer and closer,” Connolly said.

Perham said her husband had given her money to play the raffle for several years. Perham said she might have to wake her husband up to tell him the news, but said he might not believe her.

“He won’t believe me. He’ll think I’m kidding him,” Perham joked.

Mark Kilmer, president of the chamber, said roughly 230 tickets were sold this year.

“The good news for the people is it makes the odds better for them,” Kilmer said. “The bad news is we probably are not going to make as much money.”

Kilmer said the board does not have any plans for the money raised, totalling to $23,000.

“We don’t really focus on a particular project with this [money], we just put it wherever there is a gap,” Kilmer said.

George and Cindy Jeffers are yearly contestants of the raffle, coming to donate their money to the raffle and, in George’s words, “get their $100 hot dog” from the buffet table.

“We’ve been doing this about five years,” George Jeffers said.

“We basically do it for a donation,” Cindy Jeffers said.