Learning about permits while hunting

I go hunting and trapping sometimes back in by Hynie Mountain. I set my tent up where there used to be an old logging camp. If you look close in the weeds, brush and flowers, you can make out the foundation of the horse barn. There is a small creek there that’s where they watered the horses. I can drink out of it too.

One time, this guy in uniform came up to me and asked, you got the paper? I said, what paper?

I said I learned to say yes, sir and no, sir one time. I even climbed Kolekole Mountain, Hawaii, the one on the left side where the planes came through the pass. He said, “Would you take a lie detector test for that?” I said, “Yes, sir.”

Then he very nicely explained you have to have what they call a permit for hunting and trapping season and you hang that permit by or on the tent. If you do something wrong, they take that paper and you can’t camp anymore.

He said he thought my tent was too close to the water. I said no one comes in here to Hynie Mountain. He said you still have to dig a hole or I’ll take your paper. And don’t cut any brush along your trapping trail. Then he told me you might as well get used to this because they are proposing more lean-tos, snowmachine trails and eventually all-terrain vehicle trails in wild forest and another doe season.

I started to cry and I said that didn’t make any sense, especially for the animals. He said I’ll let you off this time, but it’s coming anyway.

In my opinion, the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the rangers are for these new rules and will put more officers on to enforce them.

P.S. I think Ed Snowden is a patriot.