Failures come to light

At least President Barack Obama has always made it clear he prefers dabbling in domestic policy and doesn’t understand much about foreign relations. His philosophy on diplomacy can be summed up as strong leadership – if that’s all right with everyone else, including some enemies of the United States.

Now, Obama’s failures are crashing down around his ears – and those of Americans who understand our complex interests abroad and the U.S. tradition of standing up for other free countries when they are under attack.


– Vicious Islamic rebels are poised to take over Iraq.

– Obama’s history involving Israel has been too support Palestinian militants while criticizing the Jewish state. That emboldened Hamas in the Gaza Strip to launch a missile offensive against Israel. Since July 8, Hamas has fired about 1,600 rockets at Israeli targets.

– Now, a combined air-ground assault by Israel is aimed at declawing Hamas. Obama has said little.

– Obama’s failure to do anything substantive about Ukrainian rebels backed by Russia has emboldened them, too. The president’s reaction to the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner, killing nearly 300 people, has been a strong move to prove the obvious – that Ukrainian rebels brought the aircraft down.

– Illegal immigration is a combination issue, with some domestic and some foreign policy ramifications. Any questions about how well Obama has handled that?

U.S. foreign relations are a disaster. The question now is whether anything can be done about it.