Johnstown again tables water study

JOHNSTOWN – For the second consecutive month, the Common Council tabled a contract with an Albany engineering firm to do a hydrologic and hydraulic study of city waterways.

Mayor Michael Julius said June 16 the council needed more information when it tabled a proposed resolution then to hire engineering firm Greenman Pedersen Inc. of Albany at $66,650. The company would have provided the city with professional services to conduct a hydrologic and hydraulic study of Comrie Creek, Hale Creek, Hall Creek, Caleb Creek and their watersheds, in addition to a study of the drainage issues on Glebe Street and East Fourth Avenue.

Flooding has been reported in the Comrie Creek area over the years, and city officials hope to use engineering expertise from a private firm to address future issues.

Greenman Pedersen Inc.’s proposal was one of three received by the city when proposals were opened May 23, and it came in second-lowest pricewise. The lowest proposal was from Barton & Loguidice at $41,000 and the highest proposal was from Erdman Anthony at $108,860.

A resolution again was on the council agenda Monday at City Hall to hire Greenman Pedersen Inc. of Albany for $66,650 to do the study. Several members of the firm were on hand to answer questions, but weren’t called on.

The council skipped over the resolution, with Julius later explaining to those gathered the resolution was being pulled from the agenda. The mayor said city officials have “questions” to be answered by both Greenman Pedersen Inc. and the low bidder – Barton & Loguidice – in future hour-long presentations by both companies to the council.

“It’s an economic issue for us,” Julius said. “It’s an important decision.”

The mayor noted the city hasn’t secured grant money to pay for the study. He said both companies need to be considered for hire.

“I personally think that’s the fair way to do that,” said 3rd Ward Councilwoman Helen Martin.

In a separate matter, the council passed a resolution approving agreements with Greenman Pedersen Inc. and Adirondack Basement Systems for a project related to Larrabee Reservoir.

The city Water Board on July 14 approved the same agreement with the companies. Greenman Pedersen Inc. is providing design work for a new anchoring system to repair the retaining wall at the reservoir. Adirondack Basement Systems is installing the system. The Water Board has contracted with Greenman Pedersen for $5,000 and with Adirondack Basement Systems for $8,940.

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