Hearing on gov’t change Tuesday

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council will hold a public hearing Tuesday at City Hall on the proposed local law changing Gloversville to a city manager form of government.

The council may also vote to introduce a referendum on the proposal, which could go to city voters in November.

Under the council-manager system, the city council, which can include the mayor, is the legislative body and an appointed city manager is the executive body.

Officials previously said the mayor would be a member of the city council and act as the chairman, and together with the council would appoint a professionally trained city manager. The city manager would be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, proposing the city budget, setting the council agenda, appointing department heads and supervising employees.

The new form of government would eliminate the councilman-at-large position and have the mayor take over those responsibilities. The change also would eliminate the commissioner of finance position because the manager would handle that responsibility.

The council may vote to introduce a referendum to be conducted during the general election in November. The referendum would read: “Should the City of Gloversville revise its form of Government to that of a City Manager?”

According to information from the city, if the referendum is approved, the new form of government would take effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

First Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth said she hopes people take the time to learn the facts and make an informed decision.

Mayor Dayton King could not be reached for comment.

The discussion on the proposed change started in April, when Wentworth brought up changing the form of government.

Since that time, King introduced an idea to eliminate the ward restrictions within the council and have open citywide elections for all the seats on the council.

Also on the agenda for the meeting:

  • King will speak about the financial future of the city.
  • The Neighborhood Watch meeting, Public Safety Committee meeting and General Services Committee meeting are scheduled to be discussed by council members.