Be aware of recalled vehicles on roads

This is an open letter to all drivers and passengers on our roads.

In May, my Chevrolet HHR alerted me that my power steering was not working. I was in a parking lot, and my son, in the passenger seat, had to help me steer into a parking spot.

From May until June 23, these episodes with the power steering had increased to several times within a 5-mile road trip. I no longer felt safe in the car, as I was almost hit quite a few times when the power steering was lost.

There was already an open recall on my car for the ignition mechanism.

In mid-June, we received another letter from General Motors listing a recall on our vehicle’s power steering.

In calling two of our local General Motors dealerships about the ignition recall, I was told these parts would take two to six weeks for arrival and repair. During this time, car owners would be offered a rental car.

However, in asking about the power steering recall, I was told General Motors was trying to diagnose the problem and build parts to correct it. A rental vehicle was not available for the steering problem.

Fearing my safety as well as others’ on the highway, we borrowed money to purchase another car that I would feel safe driving.

General Motors is jeopardizing hundreds to millions of lives letting these vehicles travel our roadways with the power steering problem. They are negligent in not providing alternate vehicles until this recall has been repaired, when these cars stop operating safely.

Please, if you are a driver or passenger in one of these recalled vehicles, be aware and cautious of your power steering that may malfunction. If you are on our roads in other vehicles, keep your eyes open for all of General Motors’ car models, as they may cause an accident that could harm you or your family.

To General Motors’ employees all across the country: You should be scared that your employer does not recognize the safety issues of its product and does not do what is in its power to ensure America’s safety. As their employee, can you live with the guilt of selling, leasing or building a General Motors product that may potentially cause death when rental vehicles could have spared any loss?