Bring troops home; spend money here

Most Americans are proud of our country, and rightfully so, because we have freedom of choice. Religion, politics, occupation, where we live and how we think; these are choices we are born with the right to make.

Having said this, why is our country thought of differently in so many parts of the world? For example, why are we sometimes referred to as the “Ugly Americans?” Is it because of our presence in 700 military bases in 150 countries around the globe? Is it because we’ve militarily invaded 70 countries since 1776? During these military operations since 1776, we’ve accumulated 656,000 dead American soldiers.

On the economic side, our labor force has 134 million jobs while at the same time China’ s labor force has 767 million jobs.

Our military budget is $650 billion a year while China’ s is $160 billion.

What if America stopped trying to be the policeman of the world? What if we brought our troops home from these foreign lands and used the savings for other causes?

For instance, what if we provided for these unfortunate children involved in the border crisis who nobody wants? What if we rebuilt our infrastructures, such as bridges, roads, etc?

What if every taxpayer were given a big tax cut? As for our military, we could be 10 times more effective in defense of our shores than we are now with the enormous savings generated by the shutting down of overseas bases. The list of things we could do with this savings is endless. But you get the picture.

What if we had a presidential candidate who campaigned on the above platform? He’d sure have my vote. How about yours?


Boca Raton, Fla.