Fire kills livestock in Perth

PERTH – Animals were killed and a barn was destroyed in a fire Friday evening at Korona Dairy Farm.

Scott Friedlander, the Perth Volunteer Fire Department’s second assistant chief, said the fire also destroyed several vehicles.

No people were injured during the fire, but Friedlander and Stanley Korona Jr. – the son of the farm’s owner – said some of the livestock were killed.

Korona said he believes one cow and more than a dozen calves and heifers were killed in the blaze. He said they will not be certain how many died until they inspect the site of the fire.

Korona said the fire started around 5:30 p.m. at the farm on County Highway 107.

“Within 15 minutes, [the barn] was gone,” Korona said.

“The cows were inside when the fire hit,” Friedlander said. “Firefighters were able to get most of the cows out, but a few were still inside that we weren’t able to get out.”

Korona said they were able to get at least 90 cows out of the barn. But by the time they went to the calves and heifers, the fire had cut them off from those animals, he said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Korona and several others associated with the farm assisted firefighters during the blaze.

Friedlander said fire departments from Broadalbin, Galway, West Charleston, Sammonsville, Hagaman, Tribes Hill and other areas helped fight the fire.

Friedlander said he expected everything to be finished at the scene by at least midnight, if they were lucky.

Neighbors and other dairy farmers helped with the cows, taking them to other farms to watch over them, Korona said.

Korona said he is not sure what the farm will do next, but his father will need to check his insurance.

“We probably will try [to rebuild] eventually,” Korona said.