Orchard, town pick up more ideas on water extension

JOHNSTOWN – Town officials and local businessmen discussed extending water lines out to a local apple orchard, but no specific plans have been established yet.

Todd Rogers, owner of Rogers Family Orchard, and Dan Isabella, owner of Dan’s Excavation Service, spoke again with members of the board Monday about potentially bringing water service to the orchard on County Highway 101.

In June, the pair discussed extending city of Johnstown water lines to County Highway 101, along with allowing other people in the area access to the water.

Rogers, Isabella and town officials spoke for several minutes during Monday’s workshop, discussing the ideas for the project.

Walter Lane, a Town Board member, explained there are two plans that could be put into place.

The first plan would take city of Johnstown water lines from the corner of LaGrange Road and go across Rogers’ property up to his orchard.

“That would be the minimum,” Lane said.

Rogers said he is willing, if possible, to pay for a 2-inch pipe to go from LaGrange Road – roughly where the city’s water lines end – to his orchard. Rogers said he spoke to one or two people living near him about the water line idea.

“There is no one in the way of the water line,” Rogers said.

Lane said the other plan is to connect two water lines from the city in a loop, bringing water to both Rogers Orchard and other homes in the area. Lane said the lines would extend from LaGrange Road to the lines on West Fulton Street Extension.

However, Lane said that would be much more expensive.

Rogers, after the work session, attended the city of Johnstown Water Board meeting. According to Rogers, he was told the board would need to call the state Department of Health to make sure he could connect to city lines.

“Nobody knows anything,” Rogers said.

Rogers has plans to open a bakery for the orchard, and his son has plans to open a cidery, so the city water could help.

The Town Board advised Rogers to come back Monday during the board’s next meeting to discuss the plans further.